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Tenets of the Faith

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The ‘Tenets of Faith’ are essential to the spiritual fabric of Two Birds Church. They are the guiding principles that shape our community’s belief system, deeply-rooted in our practices and collective spiritual journey. These tenets are the spiritual compass that orientates our church and everyday life, fostering a shared understanding and serving as a robust framework for our spiritual evolution. They encapsulate the shared values and commitments of our community, and are the pillars that support each member as they endeavor to live out their faith in a meaningful and transformative manner.

Embracing this perspective, Two Birds Church is proud to express the following beliefs as the fundamental tenets of our religious faith:

  • Everyone has the potential to connect with God. We are all related, coming from a common source, and each person has an inner light. By discovering our personal truths and standing in our inner power, we shine this light onto others, sparking positive change in the world.

  • Balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (symbolized as The Eagle and The Condor) is key. This balance, embracing both the heart and mind, strengthens and connects us. Both aspects are crucial in our faith, ceremonies, and gatherings. Reflecting this, our Church is led by people of all genders.

  • We believe in the unity of all, without any discrimination. We understand that everyone is born perfect and should live happily as their true selves without facing judgment or condemnation.

  • We believe that wisdom is gained through personal experience, not dictated by external authorities. We encourage individuals to embrace their own power and discover their own truths, instead of surrendering their will to others or material wealth. The path to truth begins within, not outside oneself.

  • We also acknowledge that wisdom and truths can be illuminated through various teachings and cultures. While the search for truth begins internally, the exploration and understanding of diverse perspectives can enrich our own spiritual journey. Thus, members are encouraged to seek insights from across cultures and teachings. We recognize spirituality and healing as a personal journey, not a one-size-fits-all path. Therefore, we’re open to each member discovering and embracing their own unique spiritual path.

  • We believe in nurturing the body, mind, and spirit as part of our spiritual practice. We promote a healthy diet, physical activities like yoga and exercise, and meditation to help members find balance. This balance leads to a healthy, fulfilling life, helping individuals discover their inner light.

  • We believe that one discovers their inner light and spiritual truths through selfless actions, such as giving back to the community. Living out these spiritual truths involves engaging in charitable activities and services.

  • We uphold basic moral principles for all members, which include respecting others’ physical and mental health. We reject violence, sexual misconduct, predatory behavior, theft, and intolerance.