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The ‘Tenets of Faith‘ are essential to the spiritual fabric of Two Birds Church. They are the guiding principles that shape our community’s belief system, deeply-rooted in our practices and collective spiritual journey. These tenets are the spiritual compass that orientates our church and everyday life, fostering a shared understanding and serving as a robust framework for our spiritual evolution. They encapsulate the shared values and commitments of our community, and are the pillars that support each member as they endeavor to live out their faith in a meaningful and transformative manner.

Embracing this perspective, Two Birds Church is proud to express the following beliefs as the fundamental tenets of our religious faith:

  1. Inherent Spirituality: a core tenant of our faith, embodies the belief that every individual naturally possesses a deep spiritual essence. This principle asserts that spirituality is not an external achievement or a gift bestowed upon a select few, but rather, a fundamental part of every person’s innermost self. Within our church, this concept champions the idea that the capacity to connect with the divine, to explore personal spiritual paths, and to experience a profound sense of the sacred, is a universal attribute. “Inherent Spirituality” affirms that each member of our congregation, and indeed every person, has an innate spiritual potential, readily accessible and waiting to be discovered and nurtured within their soul. This tenant celebrates the diversity of spiritual expressions while recognizing our shared, inherent connection to a higher spiritual truth.

  2. Illuminate Change: encapsulates a profound tenant of our faith, centered around the transformative power of personal spiritual growth and its ripple effect on the world. This concept advocates that by delving into our own spiritual truths, confronting our fears, and embracing the discomfort of growth, we unlock a profound inner strength. In doing so, we not only illuminate our own paths but also cast light on the paths of others, encouraging them to embark on similar journeys of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. This tenant holds that our personal liberation and enlightenment are not solitary experiences; they inherently influence and inspire those around us. As we break free from our own constraints and shine in our spiritual authenticity, this light becomes almost infectious, naturally empowering others to seek their own truth and change. “Illuminate Change” is a call to action and a reminder of our interconnectedness — as we transform ourselves, we unconsciously grant others the courage to do the same, fostering a chain reaction of positive, spiritual transformation across our community and beyond.

  3. Harmonized Duality: captures a key tenet of our faith, emphasizing the importance of balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, represented symbolically by The Eagle and The Condor. This principle underscores the belief that true spiritual strength and connection arise from embracing both heart and mind, integrating the qualities traditionally associated with feminine and masculine energies. Recognizing that these energies are not gender-specific, but universal aspects of the human experience, our church advocates for a harmonious blending of both. This balanced approach is integral to our faith, ceremonies, and gatherings, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and equality. Our leadership, comprising individuals of all genders, is a testament to this balance, embodying the unity and interconnectedness that form the cornerstone of our spiritual community. “Harmonized Duality” invites us to explore and honor these dual aspects within ourselves and others, fostering a more holistic and unified spiritual journey.

  4. Inner Wisdom: encapsulates a fundamental tenet of our faith, underscoring the belief that true wisdom is acquired through personal experience rather than being imposed by external authorities. This principle encourages individuals to trust in their own strength and to embark on a journey of self-discovery to uncover their personal truths. We advocate for self-empowerment and introspection, emphasizing the importance of looking within oneself to find guidance and understanding, rather than seeking it solely in external sources or guides. This tenet suggests that each person’s path to truth and enlightenment is unique and begins from within, fostering a deep sense of personal accountability and spiritual autonomy. “Inner Wisdom” is a call to our community members to actively engage in their own spiritual journey, to question, to explore, and to grow, recognizing that in doing so, they unveil the profound wisdom that resides within their own being. This self-guided exploration is celebrated as a key aspect of our faith, nurturing a community where individual insights and experiences are valued as essential components of collective spiritual wisdom.

  5. Spiritual Quest: represents a fundamental tenet of our faith, acknowledging life as a dynamic teacher in our spiritual journey. This principle embraces the idea that true wisdom and insight often come through living life to its fullest, experiencing its diverse challenges and joys. Members are encouraged to view each day as an opportunity for growth, understanding that every encounter and experience has the potential to impart valuable lessons. We see our paths not as solitary, but as enriched by the various guides and teachers we meet along the way, from personal relationships to cultural exchanges. This tenant promotes the exploration of diverse perspectives and cultures, reinforcing the belief that spiritual development is a unique, personal adventure, distinct for each individual. “Spiritual Quest” invites each member to discover and embrace their own spiritual path, finding profound truths and enlightenment in the journey of life itself.

  6. Mind-Body-Spirit Balance: encapsulates a vital tenet of our faith, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as part of our spiritual practice. This principle advocates for the holistic nurturing of each individual, recognizing that a balanced approach to health is crucial for personal growth and enlightenment. We encourage practices like a nutritious diet, regular physical activities such as yoga and exercise, alongside meditation and mindfulness exercises. These practices are not merely activities but integral parts of a journey towards achieving a harmonious balance in life. By fostering this equilibrium, we believe individuals can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives, enabling them to tap into and illuminate their inner light. “Mind-Body-Spirit Balance” is a guiding philosophy within our church, reflecting our commitment to supporting each member’s comprehensive wellness journey. It underlines our belief that nurturing all aspects of oneself is essential in unlocking one’s full spiritual and personal potential.

  7. Sacred Ceremony: represents a central tenet of our faith, highlighting the spiritual significance of Ayahuasca tea ceremonies. Revered not just as a ritual but as a profound spiritual experience, Ayahuasca is viewed as a teacher and guide, offering insights into the interconnectedness of the universe. These ceremonies facilitate a deep journey of self-discovery, allowing participants to connect with both their inner and outer selves. Participation is a right for all members, emphasizing inclusivity in our spiritual exploration. Ayahuasca, as a key element of these ceremonies, acts as an guide, helping individuals embrace personal growth and transformation. This tenet reflects our church’s deep respect for this sacred practice and its transformative role in our spiritual journey.