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Our Sacred Ceremonies primarily revolve around our sacrament Ayahuasca. These sacred ceremonies take place in a specifically designed space at our Church in Anna called a Maloka, able to accommodate the members participating, typically a group of around six individuals. On occasion, for larger ceremonies, we may rent an additional space. These larger ceremonies take place on our designated holidays and are restricted to members who have sat with us in ceremony previously in the smaller setting. Each sacred ceremony deepens the members’ connection to spirit and their inner truth, drawing elements from lessons learned at our Sunday church services to foster continuity and spiritual growth.

During our Sacred Ceremonies, members embark on a spiritual journey with Ayahuasca, our sacrament, at the heart of the experience. The ceremony, lasting approximately five hours, combines a variety of techniques that facilitate a deep dive into the self, leading to release, surrender, and self-discovery. This introspective journey is guided by three dedicated Church staff members, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for the six participants in each ceremony.

Integral to the Sacred Ceremonies are our dietary practices, which are deeply rooted in reverence for our bodies and spirits. We ask all members to adopt a strict vegan diet in the days leading to and following the ceremony. This practice is designed to assist in the cleansing of the body and spirit, enhancing sensitivity and receptivity to the intricacies of the ceremony. For more detailed information on the prescribed diet, you can visit https://dieta.twobirdschurch.com/.

Our ceremonies are a harmonious blend of Two Birds Church practices and the ceremonial traditions of the Shipibo people of South America, who share a profound connection with Ayahuasca. A key aspect of our ceremonies, borrowed from the Shipibo, is conducting them in complete darkness. We perceive Ayahuasca as a teacher, guiding us to reveal the truths about ourselves if we are open to seeing. One way we foster this introspection is by creating an environment free of distractions, inviting deep self-exploration.

At Two Birds Church, we believe the most profound spiritual healing occurs when individuals dedicate space for themselves, confronting the thoughts and emotions that are typically ignored or displaced by various distractions such as drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and media. Within the ceremonial space, these diversions are eliminated, prompting participants to sit with these emerging facets of self, acknowledge them, and ultimately let them pass. The element of darkness plays a significant role in this process. By removing visual stimuli, it enables any aspects that need attention to surface, thereby allowing participants to see their own light more clearly.

During the ceremony, participants are requested to remain within their individual spaces, a rule in place not only to ensure safety but also to respect the sanctity of each individual’s spiritual journey. This practice, known as “staying on the mat,” is a standard in many cultures that work with ceremonies. Each person’s mat or designated space serves as a personal sanctuary, a place where they can fully experience the spiritual voyage Ayahuasca facilitates without external distractions.

The ceremonies at Two Birds Church are led exclusively by our trained facilitators who create an immersive spiritual experience through the use of diverse soundscapes. While we draw inspiration from the power of traditional South American icaros, we recognize the importance of incorporating healing songs from a multitude of cultures, including our own. We believe that the music of our own culture has the unique ability to address and heal the specific wounds carried by our community.

In addition to vocal melodies, we incorporate a variety of instruments into our ceremonies. The ethereal tones of flutes, the resonant frequencies of singing bowls, and the gentle sounds of chimes each have their role in the ceremony. They augment the emotional impact of the songs and help to guide participants through their introspective journeys. The intentional use of these sounds fosters a nurturing atmosphere filled with love and interconnectedness, aiding each individual’s unique journey towards self-discovery and healing.

Our ceremonies not only embrace the resonance of musical instruments and song but also value the profound impact of softer sounds like chimes, shakers or silence. We appreciate the quiet moments as they offer an opportunity for deep introspection. In the silence, just as darkness enables us to see ourselves more clearly, we are afforded the chance to hear ourselves with greater clarity.

These quieter periods allow for the spirit of Ayahuasca and the whisperings of our own minds to come forth, revealing sometimes uncomfortable or deeply hidden aspects of ourselves. While these moments of self-discovery can sometimes be challenging, they are an essential part of the journey towards healing and transformation.

These periods of silence are not indefinite. Just as the rhythm of the night is punctuated by the gentle arrival of dawn, so too does the silence in our ceremonies give way to the soothing guidance of another song or healing sound. These timely interventions remind us of vital lessons like forgiveness and surrender, offering a beacon of light as we navigate the more challenging terrains of our inner landscapes.

Our ceremonies are centered around the theme of release, and while this can manifest in different forms like purging, laughter, or crying, we request participants to be mindful and refrain from unnecessary talking during the ceremony. This helps maintain an environment conducive to personal introspection and keeps external distractions to a minimum.

The spirit of Ayahuasca serves as an instructive guide during our ceremonies, leading each participant on a profound introspective journey. Ayahuasca is an extraordinary heart-opening teacher, fostering deep connections with those around us and unveiling the divine and spiritual elements within us. It aids in facilitating a personal relationship with this divine essence, allowing us to experience and recognize God’s love on a deeply personal level. This is not merely a theoretical understanding, but a first-hand, experiential realization of love and divinity. Through the release of traumas, restrictive thought patterns, and habits that no longer serve us, we open our hearts and ourselves to truly feel and embrace these profound spiritual experiences.