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Fundamental Moral & Ethical Tenets

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Two Birds Church emphasizes two core types of tenets, each serving a unique role in the spiritual and ethical lives of our members: ‘Tenets of Faith’ and ‘Fundamental Moral & Ethical Tenets’. While the ‘Tenets of Faith’ focus on our spiritual beliefs and practices, let’s now explore our ‘Fundamental Moral & Ethical Tenets’.

‘Fundamental Moral & Ethical Tenets’ are principles of right and wrong behavior that serve as a moral compass guiding our interactions within the church, the wider community, and the world. These tenets translate our spiritual beliefs into practical actions and attitudes, reflecting our commitment to universal moral values such as respect, love, safety, freedom, and equality. They form the ethical framework within which our members live out their spiritual beliefs in their daily lives.

Moral Respect: concisely embodies a fundamental tenet of our faith, highlighting our commitment to upholding basic moral principles for all members. This core value is rooted in the deep respect for the physical and mental well-being of every individual, emphasizing the sanctity of personal health and safety. Our community firmly rejects any form of violence, sexual misconduct, predatory behavior, theft, and intolerance. We believe in the unity of all, without any discrimination. We understand that everyone is born perfect and should live happily as their true selves without facing judgment or condemnation. By advocating for these ethical standards, we foster a safe, nurturing environment that honors and protects the dignity of every person. This tenet is not just a guideline but a way of life within our church, guiding our interactions and ensuring that our Church remains a place of trust, safety, and mutual respect. “Moral Respect” reflects our dedication to creating a harmonious community where ethical conduct and moral responsibility are paramount, and where every member is encouraged to embody these values in their daily lives.

Sacred Rights: is a fundamental moral tenet of our faith, encompassing a series of universal rights that affirm the inherent dignity and freedom of every individual. This tenet upholds the principle that all people have the right to choose their own truths, to be born free, and to be respected in their individuality. It strongly advocates against any form of abuse or persecution, emphasizing the right of every person to safety and equality. Central to this belief is the understanding that love is a fundamental human right, alongside the freedom to walk one’s own path. This includes the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, ensuring that each individual can practice their spirituality in the way they see fit, whether alone or in community. Furthermore, it recognizes the basic human needs for fresh air, clean water, and healthy food. “Sacred Rights” thus serves as a moral compass for our church, guiding us in fostering a community where these fundamental rights are respected and upheld, reflecting our commitment to a world where every person can live with dignity, respect, and spiritual fulfillment

Together, these Moral and Ethical tenets are the bedrock of the Two Birds Church community, fostering a compassionate and spiritually vibrant environment where each member is encouraged to live out their faith in a meaningful and transformative manner.