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At Two Birds Church, we recognize a set of Practical Beliefs that inform the day-to-day expression of our faith. These beliefs, focusing on concrete actions, attitudes, and behaviors, evolve according to cultural or societal contexts. They offer guidance on how we serve our community, treat others, and engage in personal spiritual practices such as prayer or meditation. These Practical Beliefs, rooted in Two Birds Church’s religious philosophy and practices, draw inspiration from a myriad of cultures and traditions worldwide, such as Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Taoism. They guide a range of principles and practices we adhere to, embodying a comprehensive approach to manifesting our faith in meaningful and impactful ways within our everyday lives.

  • Many people aspire to lead happier lives, but often struggle to understand what that truly entails or how to achieve it. As a church, we guide and support our members on this journey towards greater happiness.

  • We understand that emotions, feelings, and their influence are deeply woven into our overall well-being and our perception of reality. This understanding extends to challenging emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, and attachment, which are an integral part of the human experience. Experiencing these emotions can sometimes disrupt our inner peace and self-control. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that these emotions are not only natural but essential for our personal growth and spiritual development. As humans, our aim should not be to suppress or avoid these emotions but to truly accept, honor, and understand them. We encourage the natural flow of emotions and the embrace of the full breadth of the human experience. By listening to what these emotions are communicating, we can extract valuable lessons and insights, facilitating continued growth and a more balanced and contented life.

  • We understand that acting impulsively due to anger or fear can lead to undesired situations and feelings. Through our teachings and practices, we promote mindfulness, empowering our members to make clear and conscious decisions, mitigating the repercussions of compulsive actions.

  • We recognize the power of emotions like love, compassion, patience, gratitude and forgiveness in our community, recognizing their power to instill calmness, clarity, and openness – elements that contribute to a sense of peace and happiness. Through regular spiritual practice, we support our members in deepening their connection to these emotions. 

  • As a church, we recognize that self-indulgent, egotistical, and fear based thoughts and behaviors can lead to a sense of disconnection and ill feelings towards others. Through ongoing spiritual growth and practice, we guide our members to understand, integrate, and effectively navigate these behaviors, fostering stronger communal ties and personal growth.

  • In our spiritual community, we emphasize the profound interconnectedness of all beings, recognizing our mutual dependence for survival. This understanding fosters open hearts and minds, encourages compassion for others, and cultivates a deep sense of inner happiness among our members.

  • Within our spiritual community, we also deeply honor and respect nature. We believe in the inherent sacredness of the natural world and uphold its care as a key practice of our church. Engaging with nature mindfully and reverently allows us to connect with the cycles of life and understand our place within the larger web of existence.

  • In our spiritual teachings, we address the fact that many of our perceptions about ourselves and others are often mere projections, rooted in misunderstanding or fear. We guide our members to recognize that when these projections are mistaken for reality, they can create unnecessary conflicts within ourselves and with others.

  • Through our church’s guidance towards this deeper understanding, we inspire our members to cultivate a more mindful way of living. Free from distraction and attachment, and with open minds and hearts, they can navigate life’s path consciously, embracing all experiences with grace and gratitude.

  • As a spiritual community, we uphold the belief that self-improvement and inward exploration are lifelong journeys towards becoming more conscious individuals. Though it requires continuous effort, we view this journey as one of the most profound gifts one can bestow upon oneself.