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Religious services and practices

Two Birds holds regular weekly services, during which our congregants come together to share authentically, practice vulnerability, share in song, and reflect on new teachings that mirror what we learn in our sacred ceremonies. We believe this sharing process helps our members to uncover their unique inner light and truth. It also empowers them to find their individual voice and carve a spiritual path that is truly their own. Love, which we recognize as our shared truth, isn’t something that can be gleaned from the pages of a book. Instead, it is unveiled through the process of active practice and heartfelt engagement.

We uphold the oral tradition in Two Birds, fostering a sense of connectivity, interactivity, and intimacy among our members. Engaging in discussions, either one-on-one or in a group, allows people to deepen their understanding of our faith’s fundamental tenets and their individual inner light. In line with this oral tradition, we have created a songbook that reflects the diverse roots of our faith and our connections to various indigenous cultures.

A key component of our religious practice is the sacramental use of Ayahuasca. This sacred plant aids our members in connecting with their inner selves, facilitating a profound exploration of their inner truths and illumination of their inner light.