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All new members agree to a pledge statement when registering on the site and officially joining the Church, but let’s be honest, how many people click accept without actually reading things these days 🙂 A pledge statement is a declaration made by new members as a commitment to uphold the principles, values, and standards of the community. This commitment is not just about adhering to guidelines, but also about embracing the spirit of mutual respect, personal growth, and spiritual exploration that defines our church.

This pledge is a symbol of the member’s intention to contribute positively to our community, honoring both the diversity of spiritual paths within the church and the shared moral and ethical tenets we uphold. Furthermore, it is a commitment to participate fully and respectfully in our ceremonies and activities, honoring the sacred practices we engage in.

With this understanding, we ask every new member to agree to the following pledge statement:

By registering for Two Birds Church, I commit to uphold the highest standards of conduct, treating myself and all members of our community with respect. I pledge to honor the universal truths that resonate through all religions and cultures, recognizing each individual’s right to their own spiritual path. In attending church services and ceremonies, my aim is to deepen my connection to spirit, cultivating a healthier, more loving self. I vow to fully honor and respect the sacraments provided during ceremonies, adhering strictly to all safety and dietary guidelines. I pledge to maintain sobriety, refraining from drugs and alcohol during all church events. I approach my spiritual journey within the Two Birds Church with openness, ready to surrender, grow, and learn.