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Introduction to Faith-Based Principles

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Welcome to the journey of discovering the faith-based principles of Two Birds Church! This introduction is your key to understanding the heart of our spiritual community. We are a non-denominational church that offers a religious community underscored by acceptance, guidance, and new ways of recognizing spirituality and self. Consider this course as a map to our spiritual landscape. We will traverse the terrain of our cultural and historical context, explore the landmarks of our core principles, dip into the rivers of our rituals and practices, and follow the guiding stars of our ethical guidelines and expectations for our community members.

Our community is grounded in our own values, beliefs, and practices, rooting us in a unique sacred tradition. At the very heart of our belief system at Two Birds Church is the understanding that each of us has the innate potential to connect with the divine essence that permeates all of existence, an entity that we acknowledge with various names such as the Great Spirit, Goddess, God, Universe, Source, the All, Divine Consciousness, the Absolute, the Infinite, Higher Power, and more. However, the term we commonly use in services is God. For the purpose of simplicity and clarity throughout this course, we will refer to this universal entity as God also, acknowledging that this term, like all others, is just one of many ways to express this profound and encompassing concept. The label matters less than the recognition of this profound interconnection and the acknowledgment of this divine essence within us all.

We believe that all of humanity shares a common bond, being children of this higher, loving God. Like children who radiate innocent light and warmth, we too, as individuals, are destined to shine brilliantly. We are all born to shine, to manifest the divine glory that resides within us. Every person is imbued with this divinity, it is not just limited to a select few – it dwells in each and every one of us. Our tradition empowers us to recognize and embrace our personal, unique truths, encouraging us to express this divinity that is innate within us. And as we courageously let our own light shine, we unconsciously inspire others to do the same. This act of embracing and expressing our divine essence liberates us from our fears, and in turn, our very presence serves to liberate others around us. This is the core of what we believe and practice at Two Birds Church.

Here at Two Birds Church, we offer diverse opportunities to deepen your connection with God, and more importantly, to discover, embrace, and let your inner light shine. Through diverse activities such as Sunday services, community events, outreach projects, prayer/song circles, and monthly ceremonies, we have crafted a landscape of experiences that can guide you on your personal spiritual journey.

This is a welcoming embrace for all newcomers, inviting you to learn, question, engage, and spiritually evolve. We honor each individual’s unique journey and are here to support you as you delve deeper into your divine essence.

Remember, your journey is not a solo endeavor. You are now part of a loving, supportive community that is thrilled to share this spiritual adventure with you. Welcome to Two Birds Church!