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Safety & Security Protocols for Ayahuasca Ceremonies

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At Two Birds Church, we prioritize safety and security in all of our Ayahuasca sacramental ceremonies. Our stringent protocols are designed to safeguard our members and to prevent unauthorized access or usage of Ayahuasca, whether in its raw form or as a blended tea used during the sacrament. We are committed to the continuous improvement of these protocols, always seeking to uphold the highest standards of safety and security for our community. We are proactive in reviewing and enhancing these procedures as needed to ensure the safe and secure use of Ayahuasca in our ceremonies. Here’s an overview of our current practices:

Measures in Place Prior to Any Ayahuasca Ceremony

Prior to the sacramental ceremony, whenever a member registers for participating in the sacrament, they must first accurately complete a medical information form requesting as follows:

  • Background Information on the individual.
  • Information about prior Ayahuasca use and experiences with other hallucinogenic substances or plant-based medicines.
  • A personalized description of their reasons and intentions for participating in the ceremony. Only individuals with sincere religious intentions are allowed to partake in the blessed sacramental use of Ayahuasca.
  • Disclosure of any history of drug dependency or addiction, whether prescription, non-prescription, or recreational. This is a critical component of the Two Birds screening process.
  • A list of all medications or drugs currently being taken.
  • Information about whether the member has ever been diagnosed with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD.
  • We prioritize the health and well-being of our members during the ceremonies. All our facilitators and leaders are not only experienced in conducting Ayahuasca ceremonies but also hold certifications in CPR and First Aid. They are trained to respond effectively to any medical emergency that may arise during the ceremony, ensuring the safety of all participants. This commitment to health and safety further underscores our dedication to creating a secure and nurturing environment for our members.
  • Whether there exists any trauma still in existence, with all details to be provided relating to such trauma. 
  • Whether the member is cognizant of, and agrees to conform to, the dietary restrictions required for participation in the ceremony.  Various substances are strictly forbidden for a period prior to and during the ceremony.
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, heart problems, high or low blood pressure, prior heart bypass surgery, artificial implants.  Anyone with such conditions are screened out from being able to participate in the holy sacrament.
  • A listing of any additional information which would assist Church facilitators in providing a safe, secure, fulfilling experience.
  • An affirmation that a minimum of four months has passed since their last Ayahuasca ceremony, to allow for a healthy integration period.
  • Two Birds Church offers continuous assistance for members after the ceremony. We host weekly support during our Sunday services and monthly virtual support sessions specifically for members who have participated in the ceremony. This practice ensures that our members have a space to process their experiences, ask questions, and receive guidance during the integration period following a ceremony.
  • To ensure a personalized and attentive environment, Two Birds Church places a cap on the number of members who can participate in a single ceremony. We limit each ceremony to a maximum of 6 participants, with 3 trained facilitators present at all times. This ensures that each participant receives the attention and care they need during the ceremony. Our trained facilitators, both men and women, are always on hand to provide support, guidance, and reassurance throughout the process.

Upon completion of this information form, the information is reviewed by one of the Church leaders, who contacts the members and confirms further details, as well as confirms any medications which might prove to be a contra-indicator, and thus not be permitted for use alongside that of the sacramental plant, Ayahuasca.  Thereafter, the forms are submitted to Two Birds’ retained, certified medical consultant to review the medical forms.  This medical professional, carrying board certification as a psychiatric pharmacist, and holding licensing as a pharmacist, holds the final approval for whether a member is capable of participating in the sacramental rituals, and to provide any necessary consultations on any preexisting medication potentially be taken by a member.

Likewise, Two Birds encourages its members to attend Sunday services in order to better-connect with ceremony facilitators and to discuss in-person the use of Ayahuasca and to address any medications already in use by the member.  All members are also encouraged to discuss their participation with their current medical doctor in order to ensure that there are no potential side effects resulting from their preexisting prescriptions and the potential engagement in sacramental use of Ayahuasca.

Two Birds also requires that member-participants sign a waiver indicating their understanding of the rules and restrictions surrounding involvement in the Ayahuasca sacrament.  Finally, an emergency contact sheet must be completed prior to the ceremony.

At Two Birds Church, we continually refine and improve these safety measures, as our members’ safety is our topmost priority. We are committed to fostering a secure environment that allows our members to explore their spirituality with Ayahuasca in the safest way possible.