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At Two Birds Church, we believe in fostering a more loving, connected, and grateful existence by creating spaces that allow for spiritual growth and discovery. An essential aspect of this belief system is the adoption and observance of special diets as part of our religious practices. This dietary discipline is not just about avoiding certain foods; it represents an act of discipline, sacrifice, and commitment, integral to our spiritual journey.

The diet, is designed to cleanse the body, preparing it to interact with our sacraments most efficiently. Our members follow a regimen that restricts the intake of many spices, sugars, recreational drugs, medications, and alcohol. Additionally, periods of sexual abstinence are observed as part of this holistic approach to purity and receptiveness. This practice underscores our respect for the sacraments and our unwavering commitment to our individual and communal spiritual journeys.

We have provided a comprehensive guide to this diet, which is accessible via the following link: https://dieta.twobirdschurch.com/. This online resource includes various recipes collected to assist our members, especially new ones, in adopting the required diet. During ceremony nights/weekends, Two Birds takes charge of cooking all meals, ensuring that everyone abides by the same dietary restrictions.

We uphold strict standards concerning these dietary requirements, Observance of the diet is not just a physical commitment but a spiritual one – a tangible manifestation of our dedication to the spiritual growth, transformation, and communion we foster at Two Birds Church.

An integral part of the diet’s purpose is to foster change within us. It operates under the principle that if we are unwilling to commit to the work leading up to a ceremony, we may be unlikely to follow through with the work required after the ceremony. Our sacred ceremonies can serve as profound catalysts for life-altering experiences, but their transformative potential is realized only when we are willing to make life changes ourselves. Ayahuasca, revered as a divine teacher, guides us through this journey, but she will not undertake the work on our behalf.

A significant aspect of the diet at Two Birds Church also pertains to ensuring the safety of our members. The sacraments we engage with, specifically Ayahuasca, contain compounds that can interact unfavorably with certain foods and chemicals. Therefore, the dietary laws we uphold serve to safeguard our community by excluding such substances that might pose potential risks. This measure underscores our commitment to fostering a safe and supportive space for spiritual growth. It encourages members to embrace a healthier lifestyle, devoid of substances that could potentially hamper their spiritual journey or wellbeing. By adhering to the diet, members reduce the risk of adverse reactions during our ceremonies, thus promoting the most beneficial and transformative experiences possible. This diligent approach to safety and wellbeing further demonstrates our respect for the sacraments, our commitment to our spiritual journey, and the care we extend to our church community.

Through the practice of the diet, we cultivate the discipline needed to integrate the lessons from our ceremonies into our daily lives, inspiring positive and rewarding changes. Living a healthy life is integral to spiritual growth, and the diet provides an avenue for us to reflect upon what we consume and how we treat our bodies. It offers us a concrete experience of a healthy lifestyle, enabling us to grasp the benefits of this way of living first-hand. Through the diet, we engage in a continuous process of inner cleansing and renewal, allowing us to connect more profoundly with our sacraments, ourselves, and the divine universe.