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Two Birds currently observes the following as sacred holy days:

• December 21-Winter Solstice

• March 21-Spring Equinox

• June 21-Summer Solstice

• September 21-Autumnal Equinox

Two Birds honors and celebrates the rhythms of the natural world. Within each person, the seasons of waxing and waning, death and rebirth, light and dark are forever flowing.  This is because the individual microcosm is connected to the larger macrocosm; Two Birds believes that one’s spiritual life is not only in the world of nature, but the inner spirit of the self.  From this understanding, the wheel turns in never-ending, unceasing, eternal fashion.  However, rather than the ‘wheel’ of existence repeating in the same pattern, Two Birds believes that everyone’s existence is subject to continuous change.  Two Birds and its adherents celebrates the wondrous, ever-changing nature of life and our individual existences.

For each of these sacred holy days, we organize a themed potluck gathering, a communal celebration that resonates with the spirit of the season. Each gathering is an opportunity for members to share food, fellowship, and mutual appreciation of the season’s unique teachings. The potluck is more than just a meal; it’s a space for community, reflection, and gratitude as we acknowledge the natural rhythms of life and their reflection within us. These celebrations serve as a tangible reminder of our ongoing journey through life’s perpetual cycles of change and renewal.

Winter Solstice – At Two Birds, we honor, celebrate, and welcome the descent into darkness, followed by the triumphant return of the light – a symbolic beginning of the New Year. All new beginnings emerge from darkness, and at the Winter Solstice, we reach the depth of that darkness with the longest night of the year. This time is a poignant reminder that even at the peak of darkness, rebirth is imminent.

Our Winter Solstice celebration encapsulates this theme of rebirth through a Candle Lighting Ritual. As part of our celebration, each member brings a candle. We gather in a circle, and one by one, each member lights their candle from the one before, symbolizing the return of the light from the depths of darkness. As they light their candle, members share a personal intention or desire for rebirth in the coming year. This ritual embodies not only the physical return of light in the darkness of winter but also the personal and collective rekindling of hope, dreams, and aspirations for the New Year.

We organize a potluck gathering where the shared meals are symbolic of new beginnings and the hopeful anticipation of the light’s return. The dishes prepared by our members often feature hearty, warming foods to provide comfort during the winter’s chill and serve as a reminder of the warmth and light that are just around the corner. As we partake in this shared meal, we also partake in the spiritual journey from darkness to light, reinforcing our communal commitment to growth, renewal, and continuous rebirth.

Spring Equinox – At Two Birds Church, we honor this time of perfect balance on our journey through the Wheel of the Year. Night and day stand in equal measure – an equilibrium that manifests itself in many ways – dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer. But as the year waxes on, light triumphs over darkness. The natural world blossoms into life, the Sun grows in strength, and the days stretch out, warmer and brighter. We express gratitude for the darkness, honoring the wisdom it imparts.

To capture the spirit of balance and renewal, we introduce a Seed Planting Ritual during our Spring Equinox celebration. Each participant is encouraged to bring a seed of a plant they feel connected to. As a group, we gather around a shared pot of earth, and each person plants their seed while sharing something they hope to grow in themselves during the coming season. The act of planting a seed is a powerful metaphor for the nurturing of our own internal growth and aspirations.

We arrange a community potluck gathering where members bring dishes that are representative of fresh starts and the vibrancy of spring. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients come alive in dishes that reflect the reawakening of the natural world around us. As we share this meal, we come together to honor the teachings of the darkness and welcome the triumphant return of the light. We celebrate the rejuvenation of life and the beautiful equilibrium that characterizes this time of year.

Summer Solstice – Two Birds Church celebrates the peak of the solar year, a time when the Sun reaches the zenith of its life-giving power and completes its cycle of growth. We absorb its invigorating energy, which serves to inspire and uplift us. As the longest day and shortest night of the year, the Summer Solstice signifies a time when the Earth is awash with fertility and fulfillment.

To honor this time of abundant light and growth, our Summer Solstice celebration features a ceremonial Sun Salutation. This ritual consists of participants coming together to perform a series of movements, symbolizing a greeting to the Sun and expressing gratitude for its life-giving energy. This is done in unison, creating a shared experience that celebrates the Sun’s peak power and our unity under its life-sustaining rays.

Alongside this, we organize a community potluck, inviting members to bring dishes that showcase the season’s bounty and their own personal achievements. From vibrant salads using fresh, locally-grown vegetables to fruit-laden desserts representing the fruitfulness of the season, the potluck is a celebration of our shared journey toward spiritual growth and fulfillment. This gathering not only acknowledges the Earth’s abundance but also the expansiveness of our community and the achievements we have made individually and collectively. We honor the vibrant, nurturing power of the Sun, and through our shared meal and fellowship, we reinforce our connections to each other and the natural world.

Autumn Equinox – Two Birds Church celebrates the harvest season, honoring the cyclic nature of life as a time for rest, reflection, and inward connection. This is a period to contemplate the grandeur of creation and our integral part within it while acknowledging the concept of death and its essential role in the cycle of life and growth. As the year draws to a close, we prepare for rebirth in the new year, honoring the interplay of light and dark, life and death, beginnings and endings that mark our spiritual journeys. Through our celebrations, we manifest the beauty of release, the promise of renewal, and the empowering potential for inner transformation, embodying the essential lessons of the season.

For the Autumn Equinox celebration, Two Birds Church hosts a Despacho, or gratitude ceremony, a traditional Andean practice that allows us to express profound appreciation for the gifts, lessons, and growth experienced throughout the year. The ceremony involves the creation of a beautiful and symbolic offering filled with natural elements, each representing a specific intention or prayer. This time-honored ritual is a meaningful opportunity to turn inward, acknowledge our inner mystery and magic, and prepare for the transformative journey ahead. Our Despacho ceremony is a physical manifestation of collective gratitude and intentions, serving as a tangible reminder of our desire for release, renewal, and growth. As we navigate this transitional time, this ceremony underscores the beauty of letting go, the promise of rebirth, and the perpetual cycle of growth and renewal integral to our existence.

We host a themed potluck where members are invited to bring harvest-inspired dishes. This shared meal not only celebrates the bounty of the season but also symbolizes the ‘harvest’ of our spiritual growth and achievements over the past year. As we savor these shared meals, we contemplate what within us needs to “die” or be let go, to make room for new growth and transformations that will be the ‘harvests’ of the coming year.