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Propagation or proselytizing of faith is essentially the effort to spread a particular religion or belief system to others. It usually involves active steps like preaching or evangelizing to persuade people to join or convert to that faith.

However, at Two Birds Church, our approach to growing our community mirrors the organic and non-dogmatic nature of our faith. Drawing parallels with certain forms of Judaism and other non-proselytizing faiths, Two Birds Church has experienced growth over the past 13 years without the need for active evangelism or external preaching.

Instead, the propagation of our faith occurs naturally, organically. Our faith’s growth is rooted in the authentic and genuine commitment of individuals who feel drawn to our practices and belief system. This spontaneous, self-driven interest allows our community to grow in a meaningful and robust way.

Our members are not drawn solely due to the sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies. The core of our attraction lies in the genuine religious and spiritual benefits provided by our regular services. Our practices enable members to deepen their spiritual understanding and develop their individual spiritual practices, fostering a sense of community unified by shared belief and spiritual purpose.

The non-dogmatic nature of Two Birds Church, emphasizing personal spiritual journey and growth, contributes to our continuous and successful growth. We are able to attract and retain members who resonate with our ethos, not through active proselytizing, but through the innate appeal and value of our practices and belief system. This natural growth nurtures a sincere, committed community bound by common spiritual aspirations.