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Storage & Use Protocols for Sacramental Use of Ayahuasca

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At Two Birds Church, we are deeply committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety and security when it comes to the storage and use of Ayahuasca for our sacramental ceremonies. Our stringent protocols reflect a harmonious blend of traditional indigenous wisdom and modern safety practices, designed to preserve the sanctity and integrity of the Ayahuasca sacrament while ensuring the well-being of our members.

Our Ayahuasca is prepared onsite at the Church in accordance with the sacred traditions of the Amazonian indigenous tribes. We take great care in preserving the ritualistic heritage while ensuring the highest quality and safety of the sacramental blend. The preparation process involves meticulous measurement and blending of the constituents, a procedure carried out under the vigilant supervision of trained Church leaders.

The prepared Ayahuasca, along with other ceremonial substances, is then stored in a secure, temperature-controlled environment. They are kept in a locked building, access to which is strictly limited to authorized Church leaders only. This measure serves to ensure that the sacraments are handled only by individuals who are fully aware of their significance and the associated safety requirements.

Each batch of Ayahuasca and other sacramental substances is clearly labeled with its preparation date, time, and quantity. This practice helps us maintain a clear inventory, monitor the freshness of the sacraments, and facilitate proper rotation and usage.

In addition, we maintain a detailed record of sacrament consumption. For every ceremony, the date and time of sacramental use are diligently charted, including the amount given to each member. This record-keeping is not only part of our commitment to safety and security, but it also allows us to monitor individual experiences over time, ensuring that we are able to provide appropriate guidance and support.

In the interest of further ensuring safety, our Church also limits the frequency of participation in Ayahuasca ceremonies. Members are required to allow for a minimum of four months between ceremonies, promoting a healthy integration period and preventing potential overuse.

Post-ceremony, we provide continued support through weekly Sunday services and monthly virtual support to members who have participated in the sacrament. We also conduct pre- and post-ceremony Zoom check-ins to assess the well-being of our members and gauge the impact of their experiences.

Through these practices, Two Birds Church remains steadfast in our commitment to uphold the sanctity of the Ayahuasca sacrament, ensure the safety of our members, and foster an environment conducive to profound spiritual exploration and growth.