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Measures to Prepare Two Birds Members for Participation

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At Two Birds Church, our mission is to offer a safe and nurturing environment for members embarking on their spiritual journey through our Ayahuasca sacramental ceremonies. We understand the profound nature of these ceremonies and the importance of careful preparation, diligent execution, and attentive aftercare.

The subsequent sections delve into the intricate protocols and procedures that are rigorously implemented to prepare our members for the Ayahuasca ceremonies, manage the ceremonies themselves, and ensure proper care post-ceremony. With these measures in place, we maintain our commitment to uphold the safety, well-being, and overall experience of our members as they explore their spiritual evolution through the Ayahuasca sacrament. These procedures not only establish the structure for our ceremonies, but they also illustrate our dedication to creating a supportive and transformative space for our community.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • The facilitators used by Two Birds during the Ayahuasca ceremony are trained to know the strength of Ayahuasca, its ingredients, and the religious and physiological impact from its use during the sacramental ceremony.  Under no circumstance is any administration of prepared Ayahuasca sacramental tea permitted that has not been properly analyzed and tested by those overseeing the ceremony.
  • Two Birds requires a minimum of 1:5 ratio of facilitators-to-members to be present to cater to all members participating in the sacramental ceremony involving Ayahuasca.  Any higher ratio is not permitted, as the security and health of the participating members is deemed critical.
  • Two Birds provides a safe, comfortable and secure venue, with more than ample space, drinking water and toilet amenities.
  • Two Birds further ensures member physical safety and comfort by preparing the environment to accommodate individual needs (e.g., removal of any objects presenting a possible hazard; providing mats, blankets, pillows, buckets, paper tissues, etc.).
  • Two Birds has developed an emergency plan for various scenarios, and has educated its facilitation team to know and understand what steps to take in case of an emergency.  This entails the following safeguards:
    • Pre-Screening for major health conditions of participants to ensure the safety for all.
    • Preexisting facilities to take participants to a safe place away from the ceremony group to ensure their safety in case of physical, mental issues or concerns.
    • Providing all facilitators with ready access to a well-stocked First Aid kit, blood pressure and any other necessary medical equipment.
    • Ensuring that facilitators are certified in CPR.
    • Training facilitators to exercise proper authority on whether to contact emergency services in the event of issues arising that require such attention.  An emergency fire station is a approximately ten (10) miles commute from the ceremonial location.  Further, there is an emergency room less than three (3) miles from the ceremonial location.
    • Providing for evening facilitators to ensure participant safety during the evening.

Ceremonial Procedures

  • Two Birds estimates and measures the correct dosage of Ayahuasca for sacramental use.  Dosage amounts are measured according to the member’s age, gender, experience, health condition and individual needs.  Any uncertainty results in administration of a smaller dose.
  • Two Birds ensures member physical safety by observing for any potential hazards (e.g., removal of potentially dangerous objects; prohibiting any operation of a motorized vehicle; preventing any member from wandering from the area where the sacrament is administered; preventing any member from mistakenly sitting on another’s palette/mat; etc.).
  • Two Birds ensures each member’s emotional safety. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, providing any necessary emotional support; and ensuring no harmful interactions between other members and/or assistants.
  • Two Birds ensures that no member is ever left alone during any part of the ceremony.
  • Two Birds commits to the protection of, the integrity of, privacy of and security of the members and their interactions during the Ayahuasca sacramental ceremony.
  • Two Birds ensures that no member is permitted to depart the ceremony prior to its closure, and then only until and unless first checked by a facilitator who confirms the member’s ability to safely and securely depart.
  • Two Birds checks each member prior to the ceremony’s closure, to ensure that he or she possesses a stable emotional state of mind and physical capacity.
  • Two Birds is prepared to request additional assistance in the event of any emergency or other critical situation, including contacting local Emergency Medical Service (“EMS”) personnel and/or police.
  • Two Birds never denies any request for assistance; safety is of paramount concern.
  • In order to maximize potential benefits and experience during the Ayahuasca ceremony, Two Birds also implements the following:
    • Optimization of Physical Position: At Two Birds, we recommend that participants adopt a comfortable laying down position during the ceremony. This encourages deeper surrender and a more profound engagement with the Ayahuasca experience. To mitigate any potential risks, such as choking or unconsciousness, our facilitators and leaders vigilantly monitor participants throughout the night, ensuring their safety and well-being.
    • Implementation of Nonpharmacological Techniques:  Two Birds will undertake focused breathing, active listening, and stress the ‘serene presence’ through techniques designed to calm any member who might experience heightened emotions during the ritual.

Post-Ceremonial Procedures

  • Two Birds provides its members with ample time for recovery prior to departing the ceremonial premises.  Members who have participated in the sacramental ceremony are provided with sufficient recovery space; traditionally, members return to their beds or remain in the ceremonial space until morning.
  • Two Birds ensures ongoing support available for those requiring it after the close of the sacramental ceremony.
  • Two Birds provides a group integration area, where the members can, whether individually or in groups, use creative materials (paper, pencils and crayons for drawing, etc.), and as they continue to process their experience.
  • Two Birds ensures that all members possess the opportunity to attend a group integration process where they may share their experience with the rest of the group.
  • Two Birds is mindful of the interventions during group integration. An active listening attitude transpires, without judgment or interpretation that can narrow the amplitude of the experience.  Two Birds allows each member to reach his/her own conclusions and interpretations of their experience.
  • Two Birds checks the physical and emotional state of all members prior to departure, in order to ensure their continued safety and public safety.
  • Two Birds offers the possibility of additional support after the ceremony, providing contact information for any member to maintain post-ceremony communication and necessary counseling and other aftercare.
  • Two Birds directs participants to a qualified professional if unable to provide the level of support required during their integration/recovery process.
  • In order to improve on the service and experience from the ceremony, Two Birds employs an evaluation form to gather feedback about the ceremony, the Church’s efforts, and the Church’s ceremonial location.
  • Two Birds facilitates virtual Zoom check-ins for all participants, both one week before and one week after the ceremony. These meetings serve to assess the well-being of members participating in the sacramental use of Ayahuasca, gauge the impact of their experience, and monitor the ongoing integration/recovery process. This two-way communication ensures a thorough understanding of each member’s personal journey, helping us provide them with the necessary support and care.
  • Two Birds is mindful of its role as facilitators in this spiritual process, never taking for granted the profound and/or enlightening experiences that any member might experience during the ceremony.  Two Birds recognizes the significance of remaining supportive of its members, while allowing each participating member to direct their own spiritual energy into this process.  Ultimately, the member is responsible for interpreting his or her own spiritual evolution, discoveries and connections stemming from participation in the Ayahuasca sacrament.