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At Two Birds Church, we believe that freedom of expression and comfort are crucial elements in one’s spiritual journey. For this reason, we do not impose unnecessary clothing restrictions or a dress code on our members. This practice aligns us with other faith traditions, such as Unitarianism in Christianity and Reconstructionism in Judaism, which similarly embrace the individual’s spiritual autonomy.

Our approach, rooted in openness and inclusivity, reflects the foundational ethos of Two Birds Church. We believe that by allowing our members to dress in a manner that empowers them and enhances their connection with their unique spiritual essence, we foster an environment conducive to profound personal experiences. Whether members choose to don flowing robes, simple attire, or something that personally symbolizes their spiritual journey, all forms of self-expression are welcomed and respected.

In line with the core values of safety and success, we believe that maximizing openness in our Church’s ceremonies and services allows for more personalized and impactful experiences. By not imposing specific clothing rituals, we provide a space where members can fully immerse themselves in their spiritual experience, free from the confines of prescribed dress codes. This freedom and flexibility, we believe, help members surrender to the experience on a deeper level, fostering a more profound connection with their spiritual being.

We attribute much of Two Birds’ success to this principle of openness. It ensures that all members feel comfortable and uninhibited during services or ceremonies, facilitating an environment where everyone can adopt their own style of spirituality. It reinforces our commitment to personal spiritual growth and the unique spiritual journeys of our members.