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Our Sunday Services occur weekly at our Church in Anna and, although the format varies each Sunday, there’s a general structure we adhere to. Beginning at 3pm, we gather in our ceremony space, serving cacao to those who desire a cup. The cacao serves as a heart-opening agent, fostering authenticity, vulnerability, and deeper emotional states.

Cacao, with its subtle benefits and usage as a heart-opening medicine, encourages an environment conducive for deeper connections. The mild stimulating effects of this plant, rich in antioxidants and known to boost mood and cognitive function, prepare the participants for an introspective journey.

We commence services with a group check-in, where we introduce ourselves and share anything that’s been on our minds or affecting our week. This sharing practice, particularly significant when welcoming new members, builds community connections. We encourage authentic listening, where each individual gets to express themselves without interruption, judgment, or unsolicited advice, and mindful speech, where we consider the varying spiritual journeys of each member.

The main part of the service varies from week to week, with the goal of offering new tools for integrating our ceremony experiences and nurturing individual spiritual paths daily. Activities range from meditations, song circles, breath work, sound baths, dietary coaching, yoga, and more. Each weekend, a new church leader or guest enlightens us with their unique wisdom and strength.

Services conclude with a final sharing session, a time where collective wisdom often shines brightest and offers invaluable insights. Though we generally wrap up by 6pm, the end of the service is an ideal time to deepen community ties, get to know church leaders, and converse with fellow members, further cementing the strong sense of community integral to our Church.