Spiritual practices for releasing shame

Read these spiritual practices for releasing shame.

We all experience shame once in a while, but it can become an obstacle in our soul’s path.

Here are some spiritual practices to help you release shame and speak your truth.

What is shame?

Shame is one of the lowest-vibrational emotions. It feeds from feelings of fear to express who you are, speaking your truth or being the center of attention.

When we feel ashamed, we want to become invisible. We avoid expressing our opinions or doing what we want because of what others may think.

We all have felt shame at least once, but it can be an obstacle to spiritual growth. If you often feel ashamed, it is probably stopping you from pursuing your soul’s mission.

But don’t worry: there are many things you can do to release shame.

Spiritual energetic practices to release shame

Acknowledge your divine nature

Remember: you are not this physical body. You are a soul living a human experience. A divine essence within you connected to the higher spiritual realms of existence.

So, when you feel ashamed, remember a god lives within you. You are more than what you think.

There are different ways you can connect with your Higher Self: meditation, rituals, mantras, visits to nature, or simply sitting alone in silence.

The more connected you are to your divine nature, the harder it will be to feel shame.

…but also remember you are human

Okay, yes, you are a god trapped in this third-dimensional world. But remember you have a physical body, you are human, and the laws of this physical realm affect all of us.

Therefore, it is completely normal and acceptable to make mistakes. So, don’t be afraid to talk and express what you think.

If you feel shame because of something you did or said, repeat to yourself: “I accept I am human, and I make mistakes. I know it won’t stop me from improving every day”.


Sometimes shame comes from traumas or difficult situations we lived during our childhood or other events from our past.

We may block those events because they are traumatic, then we cannot remember them easily.

So, one thing we all need to do is to remember them to understand them, forgive and release the pain.

Maybe your parents were rude to you while you were growing up, or maybe your classmates laughed at you for something you did.

Here is an exercise to release shame:

Try to remember exactly what you did today, but backward. Begin the exercise by remembering what you did a few seconds ago, then what you did a few hours ago, and so on, until you remember when you opened your eyes in the morning.

After you can remember your whole day, remember what you did yesterday. And keep doing that until you remember the past week, month, year… The goal is to remember your childhood.

During this exercise, try to pay attention to the moments you felt shame. Don’t judge or criticize yourself or the people who made you feel shame. Instead, simply observe.

Try to understand what you thought, what you felt, and what you did. Understand that all of you did what you could with the information you had. Understand that you and the people involved are all human, and can make mistakes.

Also, understand that those traumatic events may be the reason you currently deal with shame. See that you are now a different person and can break those old negative patterns.

Once you truly understand that, you can forgive and start to release the pain.

Sending love

Love is the emotion with the highest vibration. When you feel love, you cannot feel shame.

Here is another spiritual practice for releasing shame:

Every time you feel ashamed, try to irradiate love from your heart.

First, be aware of your heartbeat. Don’t think, feel.

Once you can focus on your heartbeat, imagine a white light appearing from the center of your heart. It expands all over your body, sending love to your organs.

Then, imagine how that light grows and covers the planet with love. Imagine how that love especially goes to the people who made you feel ashamed.

Channel your energy wisely

You can learn how to channel those negative emotions with your creative energy.

Often, negative emotions (like shame) get trapped in the body. When they are stagnant, they cause stress and illness. We all need to find a way to release them through creative outlets.

For example, you can paint, sing, play an instrument, do some exercise, dance, write, etc. Do what works best for you.

Harmonious exercises such as yoga, taichi, qigong, etc., are lovely ways to release negative emotions. Hiking also works wonders.

Learn how nature can help you

Nature can heal you from all shame. Make sure to visit Mother nature at least once a week. If you cannot go to a mountain, a forest, or a beach, you can go to your local park.

Breathing fresh air, hugging trees, and walking barefoot are effective ways to release shame and other negative emotions.

Here is a spiritual practice you can do in nature to release shame:

Put your bare feet on the soil, and extend your arms to the sky. Imagine how you release all negativity from your feet to the ground. Also, imagine you receive cosmic energy with your hands.

Combine this exercise with your breath: inhale positive energy, and exhale negative energy.

Create a positive atmosphere

No negative emotion can exist in a condition of harmony and love. If you can create those conditions in your body and your environment, shame will not be able to express.

So, do your best to live in harmony with yourself and others.

Make your living space, workspace, or room spark positivity by making sure it is clean and organized. Put plants, crystals, and positive quotes, all over your space.

Open your window, burn essential oils, put on lovely music (try classical music, Tibetan bowls, mantras, or natural sounds), and do anything possible.

Make sure not to say bad things to others. Try to talk with love and understanding. Also, watch your thoughts.

It is not easy, but creating an aura of positivity is like a shield against low-vibrational emotions.

Self-expression is key

Sometimes our ego feeds from pride and talking too much. But in this case, it feeds from silence and fear of not saying what you think. We need to learn how to recognize when to talk and when to remain silent.

Speaking your truth is key when it comes to releasing shame. So, when you are afraid to say something, challenge yourself to say it anyways.

Once you do this over and over, shame will start to disappear.

Be accountable for your actions

Everything that happens to us is the consequence of our actions, from this life or previous lives. In other words, you reap what you sow.

If someone was mean to you in the past and made you feel ashamed, remember it is the result of your karma. It is no reason to allow shame to accompany you for your whole life.

Instead, see karma as a gift from the universe to help you learn what you need to learn to grow as a soul. It is an opportunity to transcend that situation and evolve.

Right now, nothing can stop you to fulfill your soul’s mission. The past is an illusion, and so is the future. Remember, life is happening now.

Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day.

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