Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day: Techniques and Ideas for Self-Care and Self-Love in February

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with external love, where people express their affection and appreciation for their significant others. But what about self-love? The kind of love that comes from within and is directed towards oneself? It’s important to remember that self-love is just as crucial to our overall well-being. In fact, practicing self-love is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy relationship with oneself, and it’s something we should strive to do every day, not just on February 14th.

February is the perfect time to practice self-love and self-care. It’s a month that’s often associated with love and affection, but instead of focusing on external love, let’s take a moment to focus on ourselves. Here are some techniques and ideas to help you treat yourself to some self-love this February.

  1. Practice Self-Care

One of the simplest and most effective ways to show yourself some love is to practice self-care. Self-care is all about taking the time to prioritize your physical and mental well-being, and it can take many different forms. For some people, self-care means taking a relaxing bath, reading a good book, or going for a walk in nature. For others, it might involve practicing yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. Whatever form of self-care resonates with you, the most important thing is to make it a consistent part of your routine.

  1. Write Yourself a Love Letter

Taking the time to write yourself a love letter is a powerful exercise that can help you cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and appreciation. This might sound silly or uncomfortable at first, but trust us, it’s worth it. Write a letter to yourself expressing all the things you love and appreciate about yourself. This could include physical qualities, personal qualities, accomplishments, or anything else that makes you feel proud and happy to be who you are. When you’re done, read the letter to yourself and bask in the warm glow of self-love.

  1. Practice Positive Self-Talk

The way we talk to ourselves has a powerful impact on our self-esteem and overall well-being. If you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk, it’s time to make a change. Start practicing positive self-talk by replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations. For example, if you catch yourself thinking, “I’m so stupid for making that mistake,” reframe the thought by saying, “I’m human, and I’m doing the best I can.” This small shift in mindset can make a big difference in your overall sense of self-love and self-worth.

  1. Treat Yourself to Something Special

Sometimes, showing yourself some love is as simple as treating yourself to something special. This could be as small as a fancy coffee or a sweet treat, or as big as a weekend getaway or a new piece of jewelry. Whatever it is, choose something that makes you feel special and pampered. The key is to do it guilt-free, without worrying about the cost or whether you “deserve” it. You do deserve it, and treating yourself to something special is a powerful act of self-love.

  1. Embrace Your Flaws

We all have flaws and imperfections, and it’s easy to get down on ourselves for them. But embracing your flaws is a key part of cultivating self-love. Instead of trying to hide or fix your flaws, try embracing them as part of what makes you unique and special. Recognize that your flaws are what make you human, and that they don’t define your worth or value as a person.

By prioritizing self-care, positive self-talk, and self-acceptance, we can cultivate a deep sense of self-love that serves as a foundation for all our relationships, including our relationship with the divine. Taking care of yourself and showing yourself love and respect will help you feel better physically and mentally. This February, take some time to practice self-love and use these techniques to show yourself the love and appreciation that you deserve. Remember, self-love isn’t selfish; it’s necessary for your well-being and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Two Birds Church members, and remember to love yourself first.


  1. Thank you for this post! Practicing self-care really resonates with me. Right now, I’m noticing I need to honor solitude and really honor/recognize my boundaries. My intention is to set aside time alone outside. Get a portable alarm clock and leave all electronics at home! And have a meeting/convergence of all my selves!! Having designated time for that is really needed for me.