Building Our Maloka: A Journey of Progress & Dreams

From the onset, our Maloka has been more than bricks and mortar; it’s been a dream, a community endeavor. As we stand on the brink of realizing this vision, let’s take a stroll down memory lane, recollecting our steps and looking towards the horizon.

The Story So Far…

Phase 1: Beginnings, Bridges, and LessonsGoal: $10,000 COMPLETED!

Ah, Phase 1! It’s where our journey truly began, laying the first bricks of our dream. When you first set foot on our site, you might’ve noticed the meandering creek separating the road from our construction area. That creek, beautiful as it was, posed our first major challenge. We had this vision to make the site both accessible and prepared, not just for us, but for the many hands that would help shape our Maloka. And that meant building a bridge.

Our first attempt? Well, let’s just say Mother Nature had other plans. The initial bridge we constructed, though built with enthusiasm, couldn’t stand the test of the early rains. It was a setback, yes, but it was also a lesson. We learned, adapted, and returned with a renewed determination.

The result was a robust concrete bridge, a testament to our resilience. Designed to withstand the elements, this bridge could accommodate all types of equipment and trucks, ensuring a smooth flow of materials and manpower. With the bridge in place, the site echoed with the hum of heavy machinery, leveling the ground and setting the stage for the foundation. It wasn’t just about pouring concrete; it was about setting our intent in stone. Alongside these physical efforts, the phase was also dotted with essential tasks like drafting blueprints and fleshing out design work. All in all, Phase 1 wasn’t just a preparatory stage; it was the birth of our Maloka vision.

Phase 2: Foundations, Fruitions, and FirstsGoal: $20,000 COMPLETED!

When we embarked on Phase 2, the reality of our dream project started to sink in. With a budget set at $20,000, this was where we began to literally lay the groundwork. But, as is true with most ambitious projects, it wasn’t a straight path.

Our design, an emblem of creativity and uniqueness, admittedly wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many contractors, perhaps more accustomed to conventional projects, hesitated to embrace our vision. We met with half a dozen of them, each bringing a different perspective, but not quite aligning with ours. It’s funny, in a way, how our very uniqueness that we cherished so much seemed to be an obstacle. But we weren’t deterred.

Thanks to the unwavering support and generous donations from our community, we eventually found our match. A contractor who not only understood our vision but was as passionate about bringing it to life as we were. With them onboard, the site came alive with activity. We broke ground, poured concrete, and watched in awe as the foundation of our Maloka began to take shape.

But this phase was more than just about concrete and mortar. It was about setting deep roots. The preliminary plumbing work was initiated, laying down the paths for the 4 toilets, 3 showers, and sinks that would, in the phases to come, become integral parts of our building. In essence, Phase 2 wasn’t just about construction, it was about anchoring our dream, ensuring it had a solid base to stand tall and proud for years to come.

Phase 3: Trials, Triumphs, and the Building’s BackboneGoal: $89,000 COMPLETED!

Phase 3. Just uttering it brings back a whirlwind of emotions. Spanning over a year since the conclusion of Phase 2, this phase proved to be our most challenging yet, filled with surprises and lessons at every turn.

We began with optimism, putting out our plans and seeking estimates. But reality swiftly gave us a reality check. Initial estimates were far beyond our budget, some even soaring to an astonishing $200,000! It was about rough framing and roofing, but to many, it seemed an endeavor worthy of a king’s ransom. We encountered hesitations, rejections, and even ghostings by contractors who realized the complexity of what we envisioned. And while many false starts threatened to dim our spirit, our determination remained unyielding.

But, as they say, when one door closes, another opens. Eventually, after countless discussions and meetings, we stumbled upon a contractor whose eyes lit up with the same passion as ours. They saw beyond the mainstream “cookie-cutter” projects and were ready to embark on this grand journey with us.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and delved in. This phase was all about giving our Maloka its skeleton, the bones that would define its structure. We spent $72,000 to frame and roof, resulting in a robust structure that proudly showcased its roof and windows. And as if the universe was rewarding our tenacity, we managed to integrate additional plumbing, bringing water from the road straight to our site and setting the internal plumbing, all at an added expense of $17,000.

By the end of Phase 3, our Maloka wasn’t just an idea on paper. It was a growing entity, steadily rising from the ground, inching its way closer to our shared dream.

Phase 4: Battening Down the HatchesGoal: $15,000

Transitioning from Phase 3, our building dream had transformed into an impressive structure, but with a total investment inching towards $120,000, we were mindful of the journey still ahead. As we continued with our fundraising efforts, we felt it crucial to provide an insight, not just into what has been spent, but also to lay out the roadmap of the ensuing phases. Our overarching vision is always at the forefront, and with each phase, we come closer to that shared dream.

Enter Phase 4. The primary aim? To shield our hard work from nature’s unpredictable temperament. Although the windows have found their homes in the walls, the building’s exterior remains vulnerable. The roof’s soffits are still awaiting their finishing touch, and the doors? They’re yet to find their permanent place.

But here’s the game plan. Partnering with our current contractor, whose work and commitment have been nothing short of exemplary, we’re zeroing in on a $15,000 expenditure. This budget will cater to finishing the roof soffits, ensuring the siding is up and ready for its future mosaic adornment, and also installing the grand entrance double doors. And let’s not forget the bathroom’s external doors.

Though Phase 4 might seem modest in its aspirations compared to the monumental tasks of the previous phases, its importance cannot be understated. Winter looms, and our priority is to ensure that the building remains unscathed, preserving our progress and ensuring the sanctity of our vision.

Phase 5: Let There Be LightGoal: $20,000

With the structure sturdy and shielded from nature, Phase 5 is all about bringing the spark of life to our project: electricity. Though we’re building amid nature, modern amenities and the comfort they offer are essential.

Our initial rendezvous with the power company bore fruit, giving us clarity on the journey ahead. A quotation of $10,000 stands as the fee for tunneling electrical lines underground to our haven. But remember, this is just the first spark. This expense merely bridges our site to the world of electricity. The internal dance of wires, outlets, and fixtures—those elements that truly light up our space—requires its own attention and budget.

For the internal wiring, adhering to safety norms and ensuring everything’s up to code, we’ve received an initial estimate hovering around another $10,000. Summing it up, Phase 5 envisions a total allocation of approximately $20,000.

While we’ve been fortunate to have the support of several kind souls offering assistance, the magnitude of this task is not lost on us. Electricity is not just about convenience; it’s about safety. Therefore, our preference leans strongly towards entrusting this pivotal phase to the hands of a licensed and insured electrician, ensuring every switch, every bulb, every outlet is a testament to safety and quality.

Phase 6: Laying the GroundworkGoal: $10,000

As the beams of our project glow with newly installed electricity, Phase 6 paves the way for an essential cornerstone of modern living: sanitation. With power humming and water cascading, our next step is ensuring a reliable septic system.

Having engaged with several septic specialists, the path appears clear and uncomplicated. Inclusive of the system’s design, the required permits, and the entire installation process, we’re presented with a cost that resonates around the $10,000 mark.

However, there’s a catch, albeit a logical one: water and electricity must be established beforehand. It’s like setting the table before a meal. Hence, the chronological order places the septic phase snugly after the electrical one.

With a septic system, our dream space becomes more self-sufficient, combining ecological responsibility with modern convenience, bridging the gap between nature and nurture.

Phase 7: Breathing Life into Our VisionGoal: $20,000

The tale of our burgeoning haven unfolds to reveal yet another chapter, one that carries the breath of warmth and cool, ensuring our space remains a comfortable sanctuary regardless of the elements outside. As we dive into Phase 7, the undercurrents of HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning – take center stage.

Prior investments in a meticulous design now come to fruition. The blueprints unveil an intricate HVAC system, fashioned especially for our uniquely crafted edifice. It’s not just about maintaining temperatures; it’s about curating an atmosphere where every corner feels just right, every moment.

To breathe life into this vision, our ambitions are set towards a financial goal of $20,000. This will account for all custom ductwork intricacies, the powerful 5-ton unit that promises efficiency and endurance, and the all-important installation.

As we gear up to make this phase a reality, our collective strides bring us one step closer to the dream. Every vent, every duct, every hum of the HVAC system will be a testament to the passion poured into this project.

Phase 8: The Final FlourishGoal: $10,000

As the sun begins to set on our journey, we find ourselves standing on the precipice of completion. It’s that final lap, the last brush stroke, the concluding note in our symphony of construction. Welcome to Phase 8 – where every corner gets its finishing touch and where our shared vision stands on the brink of coming alive.

You see, up until now, we’ve woven together the bones, the lifelines, the heart and soul of our building. But now? Now, it’s time for its skin, its feel, and its ambiance. We’re at the ‘finish out’ phase.

A budget of $10,000 guides us through this endgame, ensuring insulation stands robust against the elements and walls are perfected to gleam under our lights. Every dollar aims to see to it that the interiors emanate warmth, welcome, and a sense of belonging.

[Opportunity Beckons: Here’s the exciting part – community spirit could amplify the magic. As we approach tasks like painting and trim work, hands that rise in support might just bring in not just savings, but stories, shared laughter, and memories etched onto our very walls.]

Once our finishing touches set, doors swing open not just to a building, but to a sanctuary. A place for Sunday services, sacred ceremonies, and joyous gatherings throughout the seasons. As we inch towards this final phase, it’s not just about the completion of a structure, but the birth of a community haven.

Our Journey’s Milestone

From a mere idea that once danced in our imaginations, to a concrete reality, our collective endeavor has come a long, enduring way. As of now, we’ve channeled $120,000 into this dream, and though a seemingly formidable sum of $75,000 looms ahead, let’s not be daunted. For if you pause and listen, each shinggle, each beam, and every nail whispers stories of challenges we’ve triumphed over and hurdles we’ve vaulted past.

The path forward, though sprinkled with sizable tasks, promises the delight of consistent progress. Every few months, another chapter of our story will unfold, bringing us closer to the finish line. Yes, the journey might stretch ahead, but take heart; the steepest mountains of expense and complexity lie behind us.

We share this detailed breakdown, not as an exhaustive list of tasks, but as a testament to the sweat, love, and passion poured into every phase. A mirror to the dedication that has carried us this far, and a beacon lighting the manageable steps remaining.

In this voyage of creation, you – our pillars of support – are our anchors. With each shared story, every bit of encouragement, and every donation, you’ve fueled our drive. As we set our sights on the horizon, your unwavering faith reassures us. With unity, belief, and perseverance, we will realize our dream.

Let’s keep the momentum going, for together, we’ll make it to the grand finale.

How Can You Help?

You’ve journeyed with us through every phase, felt the passion behind every beam, and witnessed the transformation from mere idea to tangible reality. Just below, you’ll see a progress bar that tracks our financial journey twoards our finish out goal. It’s a visual representation of our collective effort and the distance left to our destination. Now, as we stride towards our ultimate goal, you might wonder, “How can I be a more integral part of this dream’s realization?”

Currently: $24,585Goal: $75,000

1. Make a Donation: Every drop makes an ocean, and every dollar propels us further towards our objective. Consider making a one-time donation towards our vision, ensuring the growth and sustenance of our shared dream.

2. Become a Subscriber: Consistency is key. By becoming a monthly subscriber, you provide us with a stable foundation, allowing us to plan better, dream bigger, and reach higher.

3. Corporate Matching: Do you work for a company that generously matches the charitable donations of its employees? If so, your contribution could have twice the impact! Simply inquire with your employer about corporate matching for donations towards a 501(c)(3) of your choice. It’s a fantastic way to double the love and support you extend towards our cause.

Together, with your continued support, we inch closer to our vision. Every contribution, big or small, weaves into our tapestry of dreams, creating a masterpiece for all to witness. Let’s build this legacy, brick by brick, hand in hand.

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