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Welcome to the Two Birds Church Jobs and Committees Overview!

At the foundation of every thriving organization stands a diverse blend of committed individuals, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to further the collective mission. Two Birds Church is no exception. From our Board of Directors, encompassing pivotal roles such as the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, to our dedicated staff members who bring our vision to life daily; from the strategic input of committee leaders to the heart and soul of our community – our committee members, every role is crucial.

While each position differs in its specifics, all share the common goal of nurturing the growth, spirituality, and cohesion of our beloved church. In this course, we delve deep into each of these roles. We outline the responsibilities, prerequisites, and procedures associated with each. Furthermore, we’ll offer insights into the wonderful individuals currently occupying these positions, providing a glimpse into their journey and dedication to our church community.

As you navigate through this comprehensive guide, you’ll gain an enriched understanding of the intricate fabric that constitutes Two Birds Church, the roles that weave it together, and the hands that tirelessly work behind the scenes.

Embark on this enlightening journey, and uncover the heart, soul, and structure of Two Birds Church!

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