Connecting With Your Feminine Energy Within

Connecting With Your Feminine Energy Within

Regardless of gender, the masculine and feminine energies reside within us and play a vital role in balancing our attitudes and behaviors. The masculine energy dominates this ever-busy world, and sometimes many among us tend to suppress their woman-ness to successfully make it in a man’s world. However, we must remember that if the masculine energy instils a fiery spirit in us, the feminine energy nurtures our souls to support new levels of pleasure, presence and power.

What is feminine energy?

I will rather call the feminine energy the inner divine goddess residing within every one of us that steers us to tap into our intuitive abilities, enhances self-awareness and encourages us to embrace our goals. This kind and empathetic energy is about being ourselves, following our dreams, and living the way we want.

Masculine energy represents drive, passion, bright colors, vibrant music and assertive characteristics. The feminine energy is about light shades, soothing colors, fluidity, relaxing music, and the softer side of our personality.

Why connect with feminine energy within?

Taping into this divine energy and igniting your inner goddess encourages you to live a harmonious life with the magical essence of this grand universe. Connecting with your feminine energy within steers you in a direction to know and embrace who you are. What is your higher purpose, and how to realize your goals, ambitions, and dreams?

Today’s blog aims at providing you with easy ways to connect with this wild energy to unlock the power of your inner goddess (feminine spirit).

5 Ways to Connect with Your Feminine Energy

1.       Follow Your Intuition

In this action-oriented world, we are mostly on the go to get more, do more, or achieve more. Instead of always following your mind’s commands, you also need to listen to the subtle signals from the body. Rationalization and analytical decision-making are key traits of masculine energy. Find the balance between your head and heart. Follow your heart to chase and tell the truth.

Say no when you don’t feel like saying yes. See what your heart desires. Do not suppress your desires by labelling them silly, crazy, or impossible.

2.       Accept and Appreciate Your Body

Connect deeply with your body. Do not force yourself to follow the standards set by others. You are beautiful in your own skin. Just like your goals and desires, own your body. Our body speaks to us in sensation. However, we often ignore those sensations and deprive ourselves of the ability to create pleasures in life.

Generously practice self-love. Indulge in self-pampering activities. Start with self-massage. Self-love activities help us reconnect with inner wisdom, build self-trust, and confidence to accept ourselves as a whole. Whether it is your skin routine, weekly bubble bath, or treating yourself with something you want once in a while after a month or more – you can create the rituals that make you happy. It brings colors and happiness to your life.

3.       Do not Repress Your Shadow Self

We all have scars, skeletons, fears, and doubts that we try to hide and forget to avoid discomfort. However, repressing your shadow self brings more pain and makes you fragmented human somehow. Honor your dark as you honor your light. Do not hide the dark patches. Acceptance paves the way to release pain and acquire new levels of self-sovereignty.

Honoring your light and your dark builds self-compassion and leads to acceptance and collaborative relationships free of fear of others’ opinions.

4.       Ask Questions

Develop the habit of asking questions. Practicing self-inquiry plays an essential role in enhancing our connection with our inner self. When you do not inquire, you tend to believe everything that is told to you. It is as if you listen from others’ ears, see from their eyes, and follow the set patterns, routines, and practices.

Ask, listen, and accept the new answers. It is not necessary that every time you may get the answer you want.

5.      Balance the Feminine and Masculine Energies within You

Be mindful that your masculine energy should not dominate your feminine energy. Find a balance between your yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies. Practice mindfulness to harmonize your masculine and feminine energies within you.

Besides these simple ways, journaling, mudras, and using your sexual energy also help in connecting with your feminine energy within. Inculcate some habits aligned with your version of radical self-love. Connecting with your feminine energy helps you stay humble while reminding you that you are worthy of this self-love.

Signs that You are Successfully Connected with Your Feminine Energy

  • once you tap into your feminine energy, your peace, satisfaction, and inner joy become more essential for you than seeking others’ approval for everything in life.
  • You feel surrounded by positivity.
  • You become comfortable in your skin. You accept yourself as a whole. You do not reject some parts of yourself. You love yourself more and more, and become your best friend.
  • You accept others as they are. You prefer to be what you are and what they are instead of holding space. You do not try to fix something in them because you feel it needs to be fixed. You allow them their space and comfort level and expect others to respect your space.
  • While you tap into your feminine energy, you do not mask realities or try to be someone that you are not. Instead, you speak and live your truth. You represent your authenticity and motivate others to stand in their authenticity. You begin to ride the waves of infinite flow and create possibilities for yourself while inspiring others to do the same.

Now you know how to connect with your feminine energy within and access it to unlock creative energy, inspiration and sensuality to manifest your happiness and wellbeing and feel fuller, productive, and energetic than ever before. Connecting with your feminine energy removes blockages and puts you in the right frame of mind to move past your inhibitions and embrace your divine feminine energy as you have never embraced before.