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Event Series Event Series: Sapo/Kambo Circles
Jun 16

Sapo/Kambo Circle

June 16 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Join us at Two Birds Church for a deeply transformative Sapo/Kambo Circle, where we honor and blend the ancient practices from the Matsés Tribe of Peru and various indigenous groups from Brazil. This unique ceremony is designed to provide a safe and profound experience by combining the strengths of both cultures in our approach.

Our Ceremony at Two Birds Church

At Two Birds Church, we combine the strengths of both Sapo and Kambo to create the best and safest experience possible.

  • Moderation in Water Intake: While drinking too much water can be dangerous and has led to many Kambo-related incidents, a moderate intake of up to 8oz before your circle is effective. This helps dilute bile and protect the throat if purging occurs, but does not make the experience solely focused on vomiting large amounts of water. Purging can manifest in many ways, such as sweating, crying, shaking, or yawning. By following the Sapo tradition of moderate water intake and not focusing purely on excessive water purging, the experience can also bring up waves of emotions rather than just physical discomfort.
  • Burn Applications: We lean towards the larger application burns of Sapo rather than the many smaller burns of Kambo. Instead of requiring 5-10 Kambo-sized burns, 2-3 Sapo-sized burns are equally, if not more, effective.
  • Application Sites: For safety, we follow the Sapo method of administering the burns to the upper arm only. This provides the safest experience and avoids Kambo-related incidents where burns can be applied in many places, such as over the heart.
  • Ceremonial Aspects: While Sapo as a hunter’s medicine often has minimal ceremony, we incorporate the deeper ceremonial aspects of Kambo. Your ceremony at Two Birds will be accompanied by guidance and music to deepen the experience. We also incorporate Hapé afterward to help ground each person and sharing circles to illuminate group wisdom.
  • Activation Method: While traditional Sapo uses saliva, we find the Kambo application of using water to be effective and more hygienic. Therefore, we use water to rehydrate the frog peptides, as it is sent from the tribes dried to preserve it for transport and use.

By combining these elements, we create a balanced and holistic approach to our Sapo/Kambo circles, ensuring a profound and transformative experience for all participants.

🐸 Preparation and Safety

To ensure that every participant is fully prepared and informed, we require enrollment in a FREE virtual preparation course prior to the ceremony. This course covers detailed information about the process, what to expect, and how to prepare mentally and physically.

⚠️ Important Safety Information and Contraindications

While Sapo/Kambo is safe under the guidance of our experienced practitioners, there are specific health conditions that contraindicate the use of this medicine:

  • Individuals under 18 years of age.
  • Those with serious heart conditions, stroke history, or brain hemorrhages.
  • People taking medications for low blood pressure or those who have had recent major surgeries.
  • Individuals with aneurysms, blood clots, or severe mental health issues (excluding depression, PTSD, and anxiety).
  • Those undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or taking immune-suppressants for organ transplants.
  • Individuals with Addison’s disease, severe epilepsy, or pregnant/breastfeeding women.
  • Anyone who has used Bufo Alvarius (toad medicine) within the last 6-8 weeks.


June 16
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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Two Birds Church
2493 CR 427
Anna, TX 75409 United States
(214) 233-4209
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